Organic Brown Rice

Organic Brown Rice is a whole grain food, with only the inedible outer hull of the rice kernel removed, retaining the bran and germ and thus its many nutrients.


Organic brown basmati Rice

Removing only the outermost layer of grain, hull, and keeping the bran together, beneficial nutrients are maintained in brown rice. It is produced at the base of the Himalayas in Pakistan. Through our expertise and experience, every batch of rice is tested for purity and in the tender process of our milling broken grains are removed which separate starch that cause rice to be sticky. Our highest standards ensure that nothing is wasted as foreign grains and broken are consumed for animal feed.

Organic Long grain brown Rice

Size is one of the ways rice is sorted: short grain is the stickiest rice because of the highest starch content, whereas long grain tends to remain isolated and is much lighter when cooked. All varieties of brown rice are whole grains, with only the inedible outer hull removed. As the whole grain remain fluffy and separate after cooking, this make long grain brown rice suitable for pilafs, salads and stuffings.

Organic White Rice


Organic Super White Basmati Rice

At the foothills of Himalayans, Pakistan Organic Farms’ organic white basmati rice is certified on site in Pakistan. Distinct aroma is enhanced by the fact that for months we age our basmati before milling.

  • 100% Organic
  • Gluten and wheat-free
  • Cooks in only 20 minutes
  • Vegan

Organic Long Grain White Rice

Organic long grain white rice is a non-basmati rice, preferred for its long grain length. This rice has milled grains that are at least three to four times as long as they are wide. A slim type of rice that cooks up fluffy and doesn’t clump the way, say, short-grain rice does. This is the most forgiving rice, the variety that will most often turn out the way you want it.

100% Broken Organic Long Grain/Basmati White and Brown Rice

100% Broken White and Brown Rice can be as of Non-Basmati and or Basmati Rice. Because of the economical pricing of 100% Broken, it is usually famous in third world countries. In many countries, after further polished rice with slight damaged grains or stained grains is also open for animal feed, bird food and dog feed. Though greater quality of 100% Broken White Rice is required for human consumption in European Nations so as to be used for baby cereals and creation of chemicals such as fructose. 100% Broken is also known as hominy grits.

Organic Parboiled Rice

Moderately precooked through a treatment of being steamed and soaked before it goes through drying and processing. 80% of the nutrition of brown rice is retained, when the rice absorbs the thiamine form the bran.

Organic Brown Rice Flour

A white seed which is small flat and creamy with the exterior removed. Sesame seeds are a vital source of iron, copper, manganese and calcium. When sprinkled on dishes or grains, these tiny seeds become delicious.

Organic Sesame Seeds

Organic Brown Rice Flour is a fibre and protein rich rice flour. It is a great gluten free substitute for wheat flour. From most commercially available rice flour which is made from white rice, Organic Brown Rice Flour is more nutritive and mildly stronger in flavour.

Organic Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds has been the industrial source from its oils, linen cloth from its fibre. Moreover, lately it has gained more popularity because of the nutritional value of its seeds. Increasing number of health-conscious consumers’ kitchen are now found with hard shelled oil rich, small seeds. There isn’t much difference when it comes to nutritional value between golden and brown flax seeds.

Organic Wheat

After corn and rice, wheat is the top cereal crop in the world. For at least the third of the population of the world, wheat is the staple grain. Although the crop is well adapted to climate between the latitudes of 30° and 60°N and 27° and 40°S, however it is grown under wide range of climatic conditions from within the Arctic circle to higher elevations near the equator (Parc.gov.pk, 2015)


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