Organic Parboiled Basmati Rice

Organic Parboiled Basmati Rice in Pakistan is moderately precooked through a treatment of being steamed and soaked before it goes through drying and processing. 80% of the nutrition of brown rice is retained, when the rice absorbs the thiamine form the bran.

In order to enhance paddy’s nutritional value and decrease the breakage of grains in processing, parboiling of oirganic basmati rice includes partial boiling of paddy.

Soaking, steaming and drying are done in parboiling. During the boiling stage, starch’s gelatinization happens. Whereas, molecules of amylase form together during cooling process. Micro nutrients found in bran are usually removed in polishing of white rice, therefore organic parboiled basmati rice is more wholesome and healthy than white rice.

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