Organic Basmati Rice

All over the world, the best known varieties of rice is Basmati Rice. Basmati is a variety of slightly grained, aromatic, long grain of rice. The Punjab region in the Himalayan foothills is home to Pakistan’s Super Kernel Basmati rice. Pakistan is one of the world’s major rice exporters and according to Live Rice Index, approximately 3 million MTS rice (processed) per annum are shipped to China, the Middle East, Europe and East Africa. There is only one harvest a year in Pakistan. For the significant northern hemisphere white rice harvests, new crop of Pakistan is normally first to the market. Although India is the leading exporter of Basmati Rice, but recently trade has been affected following the EU’s zero tolerance on Tricyclazole chemical found in Indian grains (Abduhu, 2017). Though, Pakistan and India keep on being the biggest exporters, a few countries are also known to produce Basmati rice locally.


The history of Basmati Rice

The name Basmati derives from Sanskrit, which translates into Fragrant. Since hundreds of years, Basmati Rice is believed to be cultivated across the Indian sub-continent. Brokers in the sub-continent acquainted Basmati Rice with the Middle East through social trade and from that point forward it has turned into an essential piece of cooking in Arab, Persian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and other cuisines as well. In Asia, the exclusive cultivators and exporters of basmati rice are Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

According to many research, organic Basmati rice has been found with chemical compound 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline’ traces and that’s why Basmati rice has fragrance to it. This chemical compound is found 12 times less or 0.09 ppm in Basmati rice, when compared with other varieties of rice. Therefore, it has its unique aroma. The natural fragrance is also found in certain fruits and cheese, like in Basmati. Bakeries across the United Kingdom and the United States use the flavoring to aromatize their products.

The varieties and types of Organic Basmati Rice

The types of Basmati that are traditionally grown in Pakistan are Super Kernel Basmati Rice, PK 385 and D-98.



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