<h1 class="page-title"><span>CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY</span></h1>

Corporate Social Responsibility is the continuing commitment by businesses to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society at large and growing, offering increased business prospects for all sectors of the food supply chain.

The organic certification for POF is performed by a team of field staff, internal inspectors and Quality Managers in coordination with our certifier Control union certification The Netherlands.

We have added many villages and farmers in certification program and organic products produced by them are procured by us on premium price thus benefiting them economically and caring their welfare.

A number of farmer groups are actively engaged in exploring organic opportunities and some NGOs are also active in linking farmers with health food activities and rural uplift.

We at Pakistan Organic Farms take many initiatives for its CSR Activities. Promotion of Organic Food is in itself a CSR Activities because it Encourages people to eat Organic Food which is Produced without any Chemical Fertilizer, so it isn’t harmful to Health It uses Bio Fertilizer which helps in preserving our Eco System.

Pakistan Organic Farms is also Associated with a NGO “Organic Agriculture and Rural Development Foundation” Which is into promotion of organic agriculture and rural development.

OARDF has developed the various latest crop-growing techniques in organic agriculture.

Rural development needs special attention in different areas of awareness including basic education, basic health care, sanitation and housing, social justice, gender equality, means of communications and local market development which are major problems being faced by the rural community.

POF has partnered with OARDF for improving civic condition in different schools in target villages.

POF has participated with OARDF for improving adult education in target villages.

POF has partnered with OARDF for promotion of organic agriculture in rural community and livestock management for enhancement to their income.

POF is investing to educate farmers for proper feeding and rearing of new borne calves for enhancement of milk and beef and their income source.

Pakistan has great source of livestock which plays an important role for promotion of organic agriculture in shape of providing Farm yard manure and cash source to farmers by selling milk and animals.

Plant a seed movement was initiated by POF in its adjoining villages so that young farmers may adopt organic agriculture on commercial scale.

POF has Initiated and supported a legislation for organic education in university agriculture programs and sponsoring few students of agriculture to concentrate their studies on the enhancement of organic agriculture.

POF is introducing new Dutch potato varieties in Pakistan (by adaptability trials and registration of exotic potato varieties with Federal seed departments) to the interested organic farmers so that organic potatoes may be grown and farmers may get premium price to enhance their income.

POF’S CSR Partner