Organic Brown Rice

Health Benefits of Brown Rice

Organic Brown Rice

Organic brown rice is a fundamental crop and food essential produced world-wide. There are numerous distinct types of rice, comprising white rice, sticky rice, basmati and long grain rice. Though not all are produced equivalent, with regard to health benefits. One of the most researched and healthiest types of rice is  organic brown rice.

Organic brown rice is a whole grain food, with only the inedible outer hull of the rice kernel removed. Which retains the bran and germ and thus its many nutrients.


Removing only the outermost layer of grain, hull, and keeping the bran together, beneficial nutrients are maintained in brown rice. It is produced at the base of the Himalayas in Pakistan. Through Pakistan Organic Farms’ expertise and experience, every batch of rice is tested for purity and in the tender process of our milling broken grains are removed which separate starch that cause rice to be sticky. Our highest standards ensure that nothing is wasted as foreign grains and broken are consumed for animal feed.  

Health Benefits of Organic Brown Rice

67% of vitamin B3 is destroyed after the complete milling and polishing which transforms brown rice into white rice. Likewise, 90% of the vitamin B6, 80% of vitamin B1 are vanished. Moreover, 50% of the manganese and phosphorous are also lost in the transformation. The World’s healthiest foods (2017) pointed out that fully polished and milled white rice must be “enriched” with vitamins B1, B3, and iron, according to the law in the United States. However, these nutrients’ form as in the original unprocessed rice is not the same when added back into the processed version, and even with rice enrichment at least eleven lost nutrients are not replaced.

Manganese: An essential nutrient

As an important nutrient, manganese plays a vital role in several chemical processes. Which comprise nutrients’ synthesis like carbohydrates, proteins and cholesterol. Besides, manganese helps balance hormones naturally (, 2017).

In an interesting research by Harvard Medical School published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, which collected data over a 12-year period on about 74000 females, highlights the significance of preferring brown rice instead of refined grain. For example white rice to maintain a healthy body weight. The research also explained the inverse relationship of weight gain with the consumption of brown rice, high fibre. However, it recorded positive relationship with the consumption of refined grain foods. In simple words, with the intake of more whole grains, women regularly weigh less than those who ate refined grain foods.